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    Registration of medical preparations

    and pharmaceutical substances

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    We provide professional consulting services

    at the pharmaceutical market since 2000

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    Organization of preclinical studies

    Planning, organization, grounds

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    Organization of clinical trials

    Planning, organizing, monitoring

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    Development of normative documents on request

    Technical regulations, methods of analysis, etc.

About our company

RusClinic CRO is a consulting company successfully providing its services for over 12 years at the pharmaceutical and medical markets. Company RusClinic CRO was created by a team of professionals with extensive experience in various fields of medicine and pharmacy, such as practical medicine, pharmaceutical manufacturing, clinical trials, registration of medicinal products, medical accessories, dietary supplements in Russia and other countries. We studied well and are familiar with pharmaceutical market; highly skilled analysts work in our company that is why we have current information about the development of the medical sphere. We adhere to high quality standards and principles of ethical business.

Our main activities:

  1. Registration of medicinal products
  2. Registration of pharmaceutical substances
  3. Organization of preclinical studies
  4. Organization of clinical trials
  5. Monitoring of clinical trials of any complexity
  6. Consulting in subjects of bringing medicinal products and substances to the Russian market
  7. Development of standard documentation, working out of control procedures
  8. Development of composition and technology of production of presentations
  9. Registration of BAFS
  10. Registration of medical accessories
  11. Register perfumes and cosmetics and hygiene items
  12. Registration of infant foods, sports nutrition products
  13. Registration of disinfectants and household chemicals

For more information on services provided by our company, you can find by clicking on the links above or under "Services".

We have been working successfully since 2000 and strive to provide our customers with maximum of information, so in our website you can always find the latest edition of the normative legal acts regulating the activities of the industry, as well as news and draft documents. Despite the volatility of the situation in the sphere of registration of medicinal products and some types of products, we investigate thoroughly all the changes and in the shortest possible time we provide our customers with an action plan and a detailed explanation of the situation, because we see our mission in immediate bringing to the Russian market of domestic and foreign medicines and products required to the Russian population.